by Vanessa

THIS + THAT // Rooster Roam Pt. 1

July 8, 2015 in THIS + THAT by Vanessa

Seen at this Harbour Island “I Do” - a customized wedding crest inspired by the 18 islands shields awarded to the commonwealth by the Monarch Queen Elizabeth II in recognition of the Bahamas Independence from the British on July 10, 1973.


The rooster, the unofficial mascot of Harbour Island, admired on an invitation designed by Happy Menocal Studio, and captured by Jose Villa

by Vanessa

Only In The Bahamas

July 7, 2015 in ABACO by Vanessa

Before the much delayed, much controversial, and much updated Marsh Harbour International Airport opened on mainland Abaco, the terminal was a single-room arrival and departure lounge which housed a handful of check-in desks. It was a scene similar to the one seen in many out-islands of The Bahamas, especially those located furthest from our northern neighbours. It was an airport I once flew in and out of frequently for months.

It was the airport where my sweet friend briefly interrupted a plane’s initial ascent.

Given the modest size of the airport, and the mandatory hour before check-in, a friend and I popped into a nearby bar a few steps away. With a direct line of sight of inbound and outbound flights we sat and chatted, both simultaneously sipping on our local libations in-hand. Like a voice over an intercom, the sound of propellers announced our plane’s arrival. Hurriedly grabbing our bags, in minutes we were climbing the steps to our short 35 minute Nassau-bound flight.

Seated and settled, propellers whizzing through the air, the plane pulled from the gate to enter a runway over 6,000 feet long. It’s then, with a worried look upon her face that my friend turns to me, “I forgot my mobile!” she says. “Go get it.” I all too casually suggest. Slightly shocked at my suggestion, as am I, she sheepishly flags a stewardess who returns her request with a wild look in her eyes. Following a brief pause of hesitation, the captains are alerted, the left propeller is promptly switched off, and the flutter of fabric mimics her movements as she runs.

 Back on-board, slightly sweaty, and terribly embarrassed, applause mutes the sounds of laughter, and looking from one passenger to another, “only in The Bahamas…” our amused looks seem to say.

by Vanessa

Do Not Disturb

July 3, 2015 in LONG ISLAND by Vanessa

“Mummy, what are they doing?”

I can hear the words spoken now. I can feel the slightly nervous chuckle escape my lips.

And we don’t even have children yet.

Like most I anticipate that talk with our child. Yes, the one about sex. There’s a very probable chance it will take place in the month of June. A time when male nurse sharks can been spotted swimming in synchrony throughout the shallow waters of The Bahamas. The docile shark anxiously awaiting to be engaged in aggressive courtship on the sand flats before retreating with the female to darker water.

And while this photograph captures the seasonal mating in the Exumas, it’s a scientific observation also witnessed in Long Island. It was upon our departure from scattered caves and arrival to the sand spits snug between Galliot and Hog Cay when Captain Gelbert mentioned that the breeding occurs here every year. Much like then, and now, I think how I’ll navigate explaining the difference between human and fish interaction, and explaining how daddy didn’t drag mummy to deeper water by her pectoral fin before we conceived him or her.