by Vanessa

Friday Feeling: Atlantic Force

November 28, 2014 in ELEUTHERA by Vanessa

Safely perched atop the rugged limestone cliffs, just south of the Glass Window Bridge on the island of Eleuthera. Here, many years ago, the relentless force of the Atlantic ocean washed away the natural rock that once connected the spindly elbow-shaped island. A man-made bridge was later erected in its place.

by Vanessa

THIS + THAT // Bahama Blues Pt.3

November 26, 2014 in THIS + THAT by Vanessa

Arranged in sand, escort cards in a variation of ocean hues, as captured by Volatile Photography
Not the source of inspiration, but could be: the cut between Norman’s and Wax Cay in The Exumas taken mid-flight over by Out Island Flyers

by Vanessa

Bahamian Coffee

November 24, 2014 in RECIPES by Vanessa

During the holidays, when a chill rolls off the sea and offers a brief moment of respite to an otherwise typically hot climate, I like to reach for a Bahamian Coffee, post dinner. In speaking with Island Connoisseur, Wilfred Sands as to the origins of the liqueur coffee he spoke of a time, the 1960s to be exact, when the after-dinner-drink was originally created at the Nassau Beach Hotel. However, since then a few variations have surfaced and I would go so far to say that in addition to losing its authenticity, the drink has lost its popularity. All the more reason then to drink it straight through to “winters” end. Cheers!

| Ingredients |
Yields: 1 serving
1.5 ounces of Nassau Royale
Wedge of lemon to rim the glass 
Brown Sugar 
to rim the glass
Fresh whip cream
Fresh grated Cinnamon

Taking a wedge of lemon moisten the rim of the glass, then turning it upside down dip it in to a layer of brown sugar. Once the coffee has brewed and a fresh batch of whip cream is on hand pour the first layer of Nassau Royale in to the bottom of the glass. Then top it with a layer of coffee followed by a smaller layer of whip cream. Finish it with freshly grated cinnamon and serve immediately.