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Albury’s Sail Shop

July 28, 2014 in ABACO, COASTAL COVET by Vanessa

I shy away from shocks of colour, literally, I am afraid of the wheel on which it is forever painted. Ironic really, considering just before our arrival to Albury’s Sail Shop I was busy snapping photographs in Hope Town where clapboard houses painted in every hue can be admired. Naturally when my husband, Chris picked up this canary yellow and blue strapped tote I fought what could be considered an internal battle of sorts.

How ever would I look past the celebration of colour and see what the bag truly represents: a souvenir?

I’m not speaking of your two-for-five-dollar souvenir but a real souvenir. The one that elicits pride in its owner, who so much as boasts about their travels to Man-O-War Cay, the small dot of an island in the Abacos where they purchased a similar bag, hat or jacket from Annie, a third generation owner of Albury’s Sail Shop. It was her grandmother Lois, wife to “Uncle” Norman Albury who started making small bags and purses from the leftover scraps of canvas that Norman would use to make sails. Now over sixty years later Annie continues the tradition with new styles and fabric colours, however using the same sturdy 8-ounce cotton “duck” fabric her grandfather once stretched and sewed in his own parent’s house.

Of course looking to it now I know that in the years to come it will always serve as a reminder of our visit to Man-O-War Cay where the history is rich as the colours that can be found on land and at sea, and of course in Albury’s Sail Shop.

P.S. Island Directions – Albury’s Sail Shop is located at the eastern end of Man-O-War Marina. The clearly-marked speciality shop overlooks the harbour and offers a dock for boats to tie up to.

by Vanessa

BAHA Links No.71

July 24, 2014 in BAHA Links To Love by Vanessa

1. { ESCAPE ESSENTIAL } Currently in my cart, this nautical yet not kitsch striped-gold-dipped-tote. (

2. { PROPERTY OF THE WEEK – ABACO } House hunting in…the Bahamas. (

3. Transfixed by this astronaut’s breathtaking view of the Bahamas from the International Space Station. (

4. { ISLAND “I DO” – ELEUTHERA } An intimate beach wedding. I love that the bride, also a florist, used only local foliage in her bouquet. (

5. { ISLAND RECIPE } Crawfish is on my mind, especially with the upcoming August 1st opening of the season and even more so after finding this recipe for crawfish-stuffed devil eggs. (

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Part One: Brooke + Rob by Sabrina Lightbourn Photography

July 23, 2014 in HARBOUR ISLAND, ISLAND "I DO" by Vanessa

For never could there be a more fitting season for this rehearsal dinner to land in my inbox than now. It simply screams summer soirée. From Harbour Island’s pink sand beach to the tents sitting atop it and the fire pit carved into it, to the “shoe tree” that mirrors the island’s famous “Lone Tree” and the bucketfuls of Bahamian brewed beer served alongside coconut cups filled with tropical libations, it ticks all the right boxes – and then some. If like me you can’t wait to pour over Brooke and Rob’s wedding, also captured by Sabrina Lightbourn Photography and again designed by Ben Simmons of Little Island Design then not to worry, the wait won’t be too long, just a week in fact.

| Photography: Sabrina Lightbourn | Event Planning, Catering + Design: Little Island Design