Where to get married in The Bahamas
Island “I Do” – is · land · i 
· do – [ahy-luhnd][ahy][doo] 
A series born out passion. One that later ignited a flame, which now burns as brightly as the rising sun. It’s a romantic love affair with the islands. Where an elopement can take place in the first church to be built by the Eleutheran adventurers; a welcome reception can be hosted in the nook of natural limestone, and the vision of a couple alongside a wedding planner can revive a once dilipitated space no longer lost to time. It’s a visual story of what has been – the couples who have become a part of an island’s history and are forever a grain in its sands of time. It’s the possibility of what the islands can be to those looking to create a unique celebration in time.

Like a pirate in search of a hidden treasure, I am forever in search of Engagement Shoots and Real Weddings which speak to the 700 islands of The Bahamas and the experience lived well beyond the day. Whether it be a landmark, beach, or a more traditional wedding location I want nothing more than to lay my eyes upon it. If you would like to see your Island “I Do” featured on The 700 Experience please email Submissions{at}700Experience{dot}com and be sure to include the following:

  • A minimum of 50 to a maximum of 100 edited photographs at 650px wide via FTP site or free sharing website.
  • Name of bride + groom. As well the photographer who captured The Experience. 
Additionally, so as to ensure I am providing fresh content for my readers I will only feature content that has not been previously published in print or online media. Should you have submitted your wedding/shoot to another media outlet or already featured it on your personal blog please let me know in your email.
If I am to feature your wedding on The 700 Experience I will be in touch as soon as possible, but I will be always be sure to let you know if I feel the wedding isn’t a perfect fit. I welcome submissions from brides, photographers, designers & industry professionals. Lastly, share your island inspiration, ask me questions, offer advice and leave your comments. They’re always read.Thank you for being a part of The Experience,

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