Entrepreneurship has long been a part of my family’s story.

In 1929, at the time of depression, when the stock market fell and the Bahamas experienced its worst hurricane ever, my great-grandfather, Sir Asa Pritchard, opened ‘John Bull’ – then, an Old English Tobacco House. It was certainly not a time to start a business, nevertheless it’s one that continues to go from strength-to-strength to this day.

When I set out to be an entrepreneur at twenty-six, nearly four years ago, I knew I longed to create a decidedly different life: one not ruled by a nine-to-five, corporate conundrums, or heavily laden with a safety blanket. I knew I wanted to live squarely outside my comfort zone, test my limits, and in turn recognize my full potential.

In 2012, during this interview with India Hicks, a woman of similar entrepreneurial spirit, India pointedly asked why I’d yet to find my place in the family business – the same my great-grandfather was knighted by her majesty, the Queen for. Like a toddler finding their footing, I stumbled to find an answer. Truthfully, I had not given it a great deal of thought. Now, looking back, I realize I’ve always been driven by intuitive wisdom. I’ve always known I didn’t want to walk the secure, beaten path, laid by my great-grandfather –  irregardless of how successful he was.

Similarly, mere months after the launch of The 700 Experience in 2012 – at a time when Damianos Sotheby’s International Realty purchased the exclusive license to the brand – I was offered the secure position of real estate agent. Then, I respectually declined.  Viewing the brand as an extension of myself I wanted to evolve on my own terms, in my own time.

Now it’s time to elevate the experience, and expand my business. It’s time I take it to the next level.

Like my great-grandfather in the late 1920s, it’s time I take a risk.

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