Yesterday marked the first day of summer: a change in season felt in the lukewarm waters, noticed in the clouds overhead, and admired in the fiery burst of the poinciana and the ripened skin of a mango. A proponent of a life well lived, here is what I would like to scratch off my list this summer.

1. Make sour-sop ice cream and homemade popsicles

2. Attend the complimentary PADI women’s dive day at Stuart Cove’s

3. Begin my search for the best conch fritters in Nassau

4. Make vodka infused with fresh seasonal fruit, think: mango, passion or star fruit

5. Plan a staycation and spend a weekend like a tourist on our capital outpost: Nassau, New Providence

6. Perfect my sky juice recipe

7. Learn how to windsurf

  1. Julie Jueneman says:

    Hey Vanessa!
    I absolutely adore your blog and what you are doing. Not living in the Bahamas at the moment full time is made a lot easier by reading through all your blogs. Love the summer reading books you have posted! I’ll get them all as I sit up in my treehouse in Albuquerque sipping summer drinks and reading! Keep up the awesome job!

    Best to you!


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