Seen in the fiery burst of a poinciana tree and on the ripened skin of a mango, various shades of orange are in full bloom across the islands. Interrupting an otherwise lush green canopy, the hue hints at the approach of summer and a table heavy with seasonal delights, think mango: crostatas, pancakes, and daiquiris. Inspired by such, here are eleven colour coordinated items that I’d love to see make their way into my travel bag.

one //  sea fan clutch  // $138.00

two // world domination notebook // $20.00

three // crochet dress // sale $374.50

four // tassled beach cover-up // $142.00

five // colour block sandals // sale $175.00

six // neon sleeveless rashguard // sale $40.50

seven // drawstring linen short // $45.00

eight // maelstrom pouch // $88.00

nine // woven beach blanket // $69.50

ten // anchor earrings // $17.90

eleven // the beetle bag // $35.00

**lead photo by Sabrina Lightbourn Photography

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