When I first mentioned to Chris the idea of hand-cutting more than 200 plus clear wine bottles in time for our wedding I expected to hear “n-o.” The most avid supporter of all creative endeavors, Chris rather begrudgingly agreed. However, with the caveat that in the months thereafter they wouldn’t crowd the floor of our rather modest sized apartment, or sit unused. Our friends and family thought us mad. But knowing I was at the root of the decision they quite cleverly chose to stay mum.

Complimentary to our “shipwrecked romance” theme, the do-it-yourself candles would command the center of eight long captain tables, and be placed alongside a single, empty, uncut bottle that would host that table’s name. Alternatively the uncut bottles would be used for guests to drop messages of love in to, which we’d later compile in a single bottle and toss with a note out to sea. But I digress, other than paying homeage to our theme, the candle holders would reflect our love for upcycling and hush the concerns of our wedding stylist who forever fears a naked, exposed flame.

Needles to say, in the end, the lone bottle was never tossed in to the ocean, for we didn’t want to litter an already overwhelmed sea. And those boxes of bottles I mentioned, still crowd the floor.

Marriage comes with comprise, no?

Step One:
In a basin filled with room temperature water place 5 – 10 tablespoons of baking soda. Facing the labels downward soak the bottles for 30 minutes. We noted that the cheaper the bottle of wine the easier the label peeled off.

Step Two:
Using a g2 bottle cutter we followed this video using the scoring, hot and cold water method. We skipped the sanding.

Step Three:
Finding the score was too perfect and didn’t allow the flame to breathe we used adhesive felt to make feet. We strategically placed the cut felt in a triangle along the lip of the cut edge.

Step Four:
Place over clear cup tea light candles and light.

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