Long Island William Trubridge_Bahamas Kite & Surf Lessons_Harbour Island Wedding by Michelle Rago
1. [Long Island] A beautiful photograph of Hamilton’s Cave, one of the many caves on The Experience List. (everything-everywhere.com)

2. [Long Island] The free-diving experience, as seen through the eyes of bloggers Miles and Diana. (acrestosea.com)

3. [Long Island] Tomorrow the highlight of the international free diving circuit will begin when 36 athletes, including William Trubridge, compete in the 2013 Suunto Vertical Blue. (deeperblue.com)

4. [Harbour Island] Inspired by event planner Michelle Rago and her shell drenched place card setting at this Island “I Do” wedding.  (marthastewartweddings.com)

5. [New Providence] Bahamas Kite and Surf, a new-to-the-scene company teaching lessons in the water-sports, collaborated with Sky High Media to create this inspiring video. (vimeo.com)

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