Musha Cay Exuma_Harbour Island Wedding_Bahamas International Film Festival_Suunto Vertical Blue Competition_Grand Bahama Itinerary1.[Exuma Cays] A pirate treasure hunt on David Copperfield’s private island, Musha Cay. (

2.[Harbour Island] This Island “I Do” couple were inspired to include the symbolic Lone Tree on their custom designed invitations, gift-bags and made-to-order maps. (

3. [Grand Bahama] There are a several Recommended Experiences in this mommy blogger’s post that I will include on my Freeport Island Itinerary – and The Experience List of course. (

4. [Long Island] Michael Board, the first Briton to free-dive 328ft at the Suunto Vertical Blue 2013 Competition, deeper than the height of Big Ben. (

5. The film guide to this year’s Bahamas International Festival. (

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