Lighthouse Wedding Inspiration_Inagua Lighthouse Bahamas

Lighthouses. There are a reported twenty-eight in The Bahamas. Eleven known to built by the British Imperial Lighthouse Service. Two of which are the last remaining hand-wound, kerosene-lit lighthouses in the world. Each standing as an iconic symbol of this country’s history. A reminder of a time gone by when natives relied heavily on the salvaging of reefed ships, and their apprehension was seen in the slow and often interrupted building of the navigational systems.

Around the world, particularly in the United States, lighthouses often serve as a couples’ compass. Lighting the way to the place where a couple will say their vows in the coming days. However the same is not often said about lighthouses in The Bahamas, as many are not ideal Island “I Do” ceremony or reception locations given their surrounding terrains and accessibility – many only reachable by boat. But there is one that stands above the rest. Pun most affectionately intended.

The Inagua Light Station, located on Great Inagua, the third largest island in The Bahamas and thought to be the finest light built in the service. For the past few weeks I’ve been envisioning an Island “I Do” ceremony on the expansive lawn interrupted by a towering pole from which a personalized wedding flag would hang. I see pillow covered white-washed benches lining a seaspray-dusted grass isle. And a couple alongside an officiant perched on steps framed by a door quite similar in color to the turquoise sea. I picture the guest in attendance responding to flamingo embossed wedding invitations, for the Bahamian national bird demands a spot – after all the island destination is the largest breeding grounds for the West Indian counterpart. I vision guests being greeted by welcome bags weighed with miniature filled packages of Morton Salt for the salt is product of the island. And photographs taken of the couple on the always nearby rugged peninsula, the exposed limestone bringing beautiful dimension and shadows to the camera’s frame.

Inagua Lighthouse Inspiration_Wedding Bahamas

I envision a vision which begs the question whether you too can see the beauty in this landmark location?
If so, consider an Inagua Island “I Do.”
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P.S. For the Abaco Island “I Do” bride the Elbow Reef Lighthouse serves as a great backdrop and for the Freeport Island “I Do” bride be sure to visit the faux High Rock Point Lighthouse and Pinder’s Point Light. 

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