1. Inspired by this couple who lived by Island Company’s motto – “Quit Your Job. Buy A Ticket. Get A Tan. Fall In Love. Never Return” -and moved to Long Island, Bahamas. (acrestosea.com)

2. Creating an Island Itinerary for your trip to Abaco? This article is certainly worth adding to your pre-boarding research material. Also I agree with Paul, Cracker P’s Fish Dip is a must experience. (boston.com)

3. As I continue to read the blog series “Trekking by Sail, Exuma Islands” I’m inspired to visit Darby Island in The Exumas and explore the hidden attraction known as the “German Castle”. (asa.com)

4. The Eleuthera Yoga Adventure, need I write more? (bahamasislandretreats.com)

5. This Eleuthera Island “I DO” wedding has me by the heartstrings and of course it’s designed by one of my favourite planners on the 110 mile island, Boy Meets Girl Weddings. (stylemepretty.com)

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