25°30′N 76°38′W – Not long ago I stayed in this historic 19th century cottage, formerly known as “Cash Box” and now fondly referred to as “Salt Box” – a name change that took place when home to renowned interior designer Tom Scheerer. The vacation cottage is now owned by Will and Laura Young, of Young’s Champagne. The Youngs are members of the creative class in The Bahamas and they are looking to enhance their champagne experience with the perfect sales tool in tow, this 3 bedroom house on Harbour Island. Now with rental of the cottage you can purchase a champagne or wine package and take your out-island experience to the next level; “Harbour island was the perfect getaway destination for us. As wine and food lovers it is the food mecca of the Bahamas, and having an oasis like Salt Box is the icing on the cake.” says the Youngs.

If you don’t think it could get any better than that read my notes from my travel log –
In a cottage where time has stood still I am enjoying an afternoon of lounging on a spacious back porch that meets a lush green garden and an outdoor shower that I cannot stop raving about. It is only after enjoying a few afternoon showers, washing off the tales of long hot summer days, that I realize this is a feature that speaks to the true spirit of the house and the traditional out-island living it epitomizes. I write this now only to realize that there are numerous features which speak to the true spirit of this home.

Pulling myself out of a trance I fetch a glass of water from the open-air kitchen. Here my eyes take in a free-standing sink and a coral-stone hearth, both of which were recently seen on the inside pages of Anthropologie’s the MAGAZINE – their model cutting fresh flowers and adding to the charm of the kitchen. I continue past the den and two bedrooms to head upstairs, hearing the music softly playing out on the porch and coming through the many doors and windows of the house – yet another feature I have grown to love. Like myself, the soundtrack to my life has found a temporary home in this house –  except I am not perched in the available i-pod dock.

Sitting upstairs in the master bedroom fit with a grand rattan chair, I continue to write and look to a canopied bed with an ensuite bathroom and a claw foot tub directly behind it. What is it about this cottage that makes me feel I’ve made an even greater escape than Bond did in his latest film? I reckon its the void of the low hum a television makes – I’ve not seen one for days. Or even the constant flow of the breeze coming through the louvered shutters made of Abaco pine which offer some respite from the steamy island days. Or possibly its because I feel I’ve gone back in time, when the days were simpler and the distractions less.  Given Tom Scheerer’s historically accurate restoration and the well appointed interiors of the 19th century cottage I wouldn’t doubt that be the reason – especially as the Young’s have changed very little since the days when he once called it home. Regardless of what the reason may be I get lost in the feeling and come to think of it you should too – of course with a glass of champagne in your hand.

P.S. The 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom – .5 is the beloved outdoor shower, still raving – cottage is available for rent here.
P.P.S. For more on the Harbour Island experience visit here.


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